Huawei Online Store Launch



Cross-industry Convention

September 30, 2020
HUAWEI YT & FB Channels

Moving forward in a pandemic meant pivoting onto the online space fast

Adjusting to the new normal meant establishing reliability and presence digitally for any brand looking to march forward amidst a pandemic. As such, the launch of the first HUAWEI Online store in the Philippines needed to make an impact and call to consumers in their new digital playground.

Using HUAWEI’s already establlshed channels on Facebook and YouTube, the launch livestream hosted by Jazper Tiangson, invited different brand ambassadors such as Pia Wurtzbach, AC Bonifacio, and Zendee Tenerefe, to share their HUAWEI experience with different products.

Meanwhile, attractive discounts were flashed and integrated into the program to encourage consumers to make their first purchase: a key move in establishing trust for the online store.

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