Milk + Oats Launch SuperMoms Transformation




July 3, 2016
Market! Market!

Be a SuperMom! Save your family from soap-damaged skin

The event wanted to take parents on the journey of how to “save” thelr families from soap-damages skin, especially their babies. Held in Market! Market!, Taguig, Marian Rivera-Dantes was made the main brand ambassador along with her baby Zia (6 months old at the time).

The crown of the event was it’s Z (like baby Zia!) shaped activity center. This portion was designed to display the common unknown problems in family skin care, to stress the importance of the Milk & Oats products, found in the latter part of the center.

Moms were enticed to go throughout the entire formation by picking up small tokens found at each station. Each of these tokens (such as an armband, glove, and cope) added up to a
superhero outfit at the end. This illustrated the transformation from a regular mom to a Supermom through the knowledge of baby skin care.

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